I'm a Front-End focused Full Stack developer, as graduate of 2 SF Bay Area coding bootcamps. I'm a huge fan of pair programming and have excellent communication skills for all things tech, social equity and creativity. Here's a quick list of frameworks and libraries I work with, if your looking to colaborate please don't hesitate to contact me!

  • Node w/ Express, Nunjuks, JQuery, Axios
  • React w/ Hooks, Context API, Redux, React-Router
  • Python 3 w/ SQL Alchemy, WT-Forms and Jinja
  • Ruby w/ Rails 5, React-Rails
  • PosgreSQL, AJAX, JWT, Bcrypt, Google Maps API
  • Testing with Jest, Enzyne, Jasmine, Mocha & Chai


Lux Illumine Spiritual Counseling
Updates in Progress!
Built with React and Bulma

Lux Illumine

Personal site for Energy Work Practice

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WordPress Web Development

Harmonic Wellness

Business site for client with vibrational healing technology

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React Hooks Project w/ Context API and localStorage

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Recent Projects

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Rithm Blog

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Warbler - Twitter Clone Site

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Memory Game

Mayan Memory Game preview


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